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Spring 2015


In response to a very "magical" connection that occurred between herself and Miriàm B., Diane brought her Psalms Singing Workshop to a group of 17 people living in the area of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. Diane taught them songs in Hebrew, mostly from the Psalms, as well as in English, Arabic and Italian. These songs were sung in rounds, or in 2, 3, or 4 part harmony.

Spring 2016

Diane was invited again, this time with the accompaniment of Dana Keren, to perform two concerts of her Psalms Music. In these "Psalms Across Borders" concerts Diane told stories about using these Psalms songs in places of conflict resolution. Examples of this are music circles created for peace and healing between Palestinians and Jews and also between German and Jewish People in light of their shared tragic history. She also told stories of her experience singing these songs to people in their last days of life.

Santa Maria del Cengio – Convento dei Servi di Maria - Isola Vicentina

Rovato Monastery

Singing Workshop - Isola Vicentina


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