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“Choir with a Different Spirit”

Diane conducts singing groups in northern Israel that meet weekly or biweekly. She encourages people to sing from a quiet inner place, from the heart, and to listen. Most of the songs are her original compositions in Hebrew and in English, written in two, three or four part harmonies or in rounds. Most of the Hebrew lyrics are taken from Psalms or other spiritual sources. When singing in harmony, one opens to a new kind of listening and blending of voices. The music “gives wings” to the words, so that the deeper meaning of these verses can be revealed to each person individually.


Vocal Workshops/Seminars


Suited for larger groups of people at festivals or conferences, Diane teaches her songs and prayers to people who want to explore harmony, singing in a unique atmosphere with an inner focus. Within an hour, Diane can teach several of her songs in three (or four) part harmonies.

Vocal workshop at Jacob’s Ladder Festival 2010
Psalms singing workshop – Italy 2016

Music to encourage Peace and Dialogue


After experiencing the tremendous effect that singing can have in healing the pain between people of different nations (see: In Germany), Diane brings the gift of music to groups of Jews and Arabs who are looking for new ways of building bridges. This music, sung in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, plants seeds of trust and openness.

video: Gal Mosenson
Music Circle for Peace and Healing in the old Church in the Arab Village of Eilaboun in the Galilee, Israel Oct 2015/July 2016

The Song Within

Diane works privately with people using various voice training techniques, opening a channel for their own musicality to be released.  Singing and vocalizing in creative ways can lead to greater understanding of oneself and encourage the self-healing process.


Singing for the Dying

Since 2007 Diane has been bringing the gift of “prayer music” to people in their final days of life. Diane often works in cooperation with Anat Agmor, who has been working for many years with the dying, as a social worker in a cancer ward, as well as a home hospice program. They also give seminars to professional caretakers and volunteers about singing to the dying.


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