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From 1999-2009 Diane was half of the musical duo, “Diane and Ada”, that performed regularly throughout the country. “Diane and Ada” was a versatile and eclectic group in the world music and folk music scene in Israel, known for its rich blend of vocal harmonies and the sound of Ada’s wide variety of ethnic instruments. The duo performed world music in 12 languages, Irish and country music, as well as Hebrew “shirei ro’im” (shepherd’s songs) the folklore of Hebrew and Israeli music composed by writers such as Emanuel Zamir and Yosef Hadar. The latter composed “Erev Shel Shoshanim” “Nad Ilan” and “Keshet Levana". The duo knew Yosef Hadar personally and performed many evenings in his honor. “Diane and Ada” recorded his song “Keshet Levana" on their third CD, “Kol HaNeshama” (see below).

For many years Diane and Ada performed Irish music at “Murphy’s Irish Festival” in Tel-Aviv and all of their different programs at the “Jacob’s Ladder Folk Festival” on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.


Many popular artists appeared with them:

  • Abe Doron  a drummer who performed with “Riverdance” for 6 years and now resides in Jerusalem

  • Sunita Stanislow, on Celtic harp.

  • Salem Darwish (percussionist and singer from the village of Rami) and his daughter, Balsam Darwish. 


“Diane and Ada” recorded and produced three CDs together.

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