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 “Kol HaNeshama” (The Voice of the Soul) / 2008

“Diane and Ada’s last CD (2008) Kol HaNeshama was produced just after the passing of Diane’s mother and was dedicated to her. It includes music from many corners of the Jewish world as well as three original compositions by Diane. In the making of this album, Diane planted the seeds of her new musical directions. 


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Eyal Malkinson (cello)

Adam Mader (violin)

Rami Bonen (mandolin)

Salem Darwish (percussion)

Balsam Darwish (voice)


  1. Shir LaMa’alot - Psalms 121. Music: Gilad Yosef Kardoner

  2. Dror Yikra - Jewish Sabbath prayer. Words: Dunash Ben Lavrat - 10th century Baghdad. Music: Traditional Yemenite

  3. Lomir Sich Iberbeten -Yiddish folk song - “Come, Let’s Make Peace”

  4. Ki Ata Imadi (For You Are With Me) - Words: Psalms 23/ Music: Diane Kaplan

  5. Morenica/Shekharkhoret - Traditional Ladino/ Hebrew.  The Ladino language was spoken by the Sephardic Jewish communities of Spain also after their expulsion in 1492. This is a love song about a beautiful dark-skinned young woman.

  6. Dona Dona - Original Yiddish lyrics: AaronZeitlin (Russia/Poland 1889-1973)Music: Shalom Secunda (Ukraine/USA1894-1974) written for the American Yiddish theater, between 1940-43 of the Nazi era.Instrumental introduction: Ada Moriel

  7. Keshet Levana (White Rainbow) - Hebrew.  Words: Bruria Schweitzer /Music: Yosef Hadar. “What shall we wish for on our path?  May the grass grow green, may the sun shine and in its light may we be gently caressed...

  8. Yedid Nefesh - A Shabbat poem. Text: Eliezer Azikri, 16th century Kabbalist from the Land of Israel. Music: Ehud and Sara Zweig

  9. Tum-balalaika - Traditional Yiddish. The Balalaika is a triangular 3-stringed instrument from Russia. A young man asks a young woman a love riddle. Let there be happiness and good times. "Tumba Waltz" composed by Ada Moriel

  10. La Comida - Ladino. A dialogue between a mother and a daughter develops when the former discovers that her daughter is in love.

  11. El Ginat Egoz - A love song from Song of Songs 6:11, 8:12   Music: Sara Levi-Tana’i

  12. Oyfn Pripechik - Yiddish. Mark Varshavsky. The Rabbi teaches the little Jewish children the Hebrew letters. “One day, children, you will understand how many tears lie in these letters and you will draw strength from them in your exile…”

  13. Healing the Children - Words and Music: Diane Kaplan (see “In Germany” for story behind the song)

  14. Pitkhu Li - Jewish prayer for festivals. Psalms 118 - Music: Shlomo Carlibach/Second voice: Diane Kaplan. Instrumental introduction: Ada Moriel.“Open for me the gates of righteousness that I may enter and praise the Lord.” 

  15. Niggun - Written by the Chernobyl Rebbe

  16. Im Nin’alu - Traditional Yemenite Jewish prayer : Rabbi Salam Shabazi

  17. Peace Will Come (Shalom-Salaam) - Words and Music: Diane Kaplan.Translation to Arabic: Salem Darwish. 

  18. Oseh Shalom Bim’romav - The ending of the mourner’s Kaddish, a Jewish prayer of praise for God. “He makes peace in heaven and on earth”.  Music: Nurit Hirsh/Second voice: Diane Kaplan.

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